VGA Generation with Atmega644p

I’ve always wanted to try out video with a microcontroller, and this a great example project.  It will display a flicker free 256×240 256 color image stored in SRAM.  It seems like it would be a small step to take this from a static display to moving images.


Programming Arduino using Audio

This is a cool project which sets up your Arduino to accept programming via a mono headphone plug.  This could be very useful for a simple interface to add new data to an existing project or possibly even do a complete reprogramming with no more than a headphone jack on a PC and some simple software.

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Big XBMC Update

XBMC is a vital tool in my home media setup. Anyone wanting to build a home theater PC (HTPC) that will really WOW people needs to look into XBMC.  I’ll likely post more about my personal setup on the wiki at some point in the future, but here‘s some info about the newly beta released XBMC 11.0 with a great deal of enhancements.

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LCD Repair

I’ve taken on a couple faulty LCDs in the past, but have had mixed results in repairing them.  I’ve had the best success when a visibly busted capacitor can be found and replaced, but this guide goes into more detail on how to diagnose and fix some other common LCD issues as well.  Complete with lots of clearly labeled pictures.

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So Here We Are…

I recently started a Wiki to help keep track of my projects (past, present, and future) and information I’ve found useful or think I will find useful. As part of this process I wanted to share links to interesting things around the internet…but a wiki didn’t seem like the right platform for that.  Such a task is best suited to the old internet standby – the blog!

What you’ll find here are articles I find interesting, products I would like, projects I think look fun, and information I want to keep track of for later use.  My primary audience is myself, but I figure there are people out there with similar interests to mine so why not share!  On that front, my primary interests are:

  • Consumer Electronics (Toys, gadgets, games, PC components, etc)
  • Electronic Projects (DIY, microcontrollers, etc)
  • Mods (Automotive, electronics, PC, etc)
  • Programming (For Windows, microcontrollers, and Android)

If any of this sounds interesting, add me to your RSS feed!  Also feel free to check out my Wiki for more in-depth info on specific topics I’ve played with.

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