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28 Dec

I recently started a Wiki to help keep track of my projects (past, present, and future) and information I’ve found useful or think I will find useful. As part of this process I wanted to share links to interesting things around the internet…but a wiki didn’t seem like the right platform for that.  Such a task is best suited to the old internet standby – the blog!

What you’ll find here are articles I find interesting, products I would like, projects I think look fun, and information I want to keep track of for later use.  My primary audience is myself, but I figure there are people out there with similar interests to mine so why not share!  On that front, my primary interests are:

  • Consumer Electronics (Toys, gadgets, games, PC components, etc)
  • Electronic Projects (DIY, microcontrollers, etc)
  • Mods (Automotive, electronics, PC, etc)
  • Programming (For Windows, microcontrollers, and Android)

If any of this sounds interesting, add me to your RSS feed!  Also feel free to check out my Wiki for more in-depth info on specific topics I’ve played with.

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