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Arcade Controller Build

Here‘s a really nice and simple how-to on creating an Arcade Controller using an Xbox 360 controller.  I think it would be interesting to try the same build using a wireless version and the Xbox 360 wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows for greater flexibility.

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Interfacing uC with Windows apps over USB

Many microcontrollers have integrated USB meaning you have the ability to hook them up to a PC and interface with them. This is something I’ve had to do before which took me more effort than I would have liked. Here is a great little example page on how to go about doing it a better way.


PCB -> SketchUp

Here‘s a cool tool that automatically pulls your Eagle PCB designs into Google SketchUp to allow you to perfect case/enclosure designs.  This really could have been useful in some past projects I’ve done.

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Cheap Mic/Camera Stand

I thought this was a really neat idea to build yourself an adjustable webcam or microphone stand on the cheap.

Image from

I also found the same idea used for computer speakers.  This may be an even better idea as finding space on a crowded desk for speakers can be a real pain.

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RGB Color Detection

Here is a fun idea that could be leveraged into several interesting projects.  It uses an RGB LED and a CdS photocell to detect the color of any object.  Here‘s another really cool version of the same project, where a ball changes color to match the surface you put it on.

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VGA Generation with Atmega644p

I’ve always wanted to try out video with a microcontroller, and this a great example project.  It will display a flicker free 256×240 256 color image stored in SRAM.  It seems like it would be a small step to take this from a static display to moving images.